This is the online user's guide for (EA)2 by OAD Consulting, Inc. (EA)2 is an add-in tool for Enterprise Architect, by Sparx Systems, that elevates it to a full Enterprise Architecture Modeling Framework.

Getting Access to the Guide and the Evaluation Copy

Access to the online user's guide and the free, 30 day evaluation copy of (EA)2 can be obtained by sending an email to We will send you the information needed to access the remainer of the user's guide. You will also be able to download the evaluation copy here.

Enterprise Architecture

The following discussion provides a product positioning for (EA)2.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a means to support the business through the use of IT. EA modeling is a holistic approach to capturing not just all of the areas within IT but the alignment of IT to the business as well. The purpose of EA is to ensure that IT provides tangible benefit to and keeps pace with the business. EA provides information necessary to help make tactical and strategic business decisions. To do this, it must address the needs of all stakeholders.

In order to address the concerns of each stakeholder, we must take a divide and conquer approach. There are several architectural standards today that prescribe various aspects of capturing enterprise architecture. Standards like the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the International Standards Organization’s Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) and the Rational Unified Process (RUP) prescribe a process for capturing your architecture. Each also provides a set of architectural views, but leaves it up to the architectural implementation team to fully determine what the make up of the actual framework should be.

After extensive work with numerous large companies in the insurance, financial, pharmaceutical, publishing, and automobile distributorship sectors in adopting the concepts of the above standards, we have found that the architectural views, Business Architecture, Application (Software) Architecture, Data Architecture, and Infrastructure Architecture, provide a good representation of the needs of the various stakeholders and is a good starting point for our clients. These views are for companies that have business information systems with multiple business domains in a distributed environment. A company with other development modes, e.g., real-time applications, will have a much different structure to their architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Management Systems

An Enterprise Architecture Management System takes Enterprise Architecture to a higher level. It includes the structure and tools to provide architectural guidance and conformance and to turn the model repository into an information base to be used for Architectural Driven Planning. OAD has been extending UML modeling tools to provide EAM systems for use at client sites and in training sessions for over 10 years. This experience has culminated in (EA)2, an Enterprise Architecture Management System add-in for Sparx EA.


(EA)2 consists of an add-in for Enterprise Architect, a set of SQL components for SQL Server, and numerous support files. See the (EA)2 System Components page for more information.

Your purchase includes upgrades and email support for 1 year, after which you can extend your annual support at a discounted price. You will be given access to the Registered Users area of OAD’s website where you can download updates to the add-in and new SQL components. OAD also provides customization services for modifying (EA)2 to fit closely within your established architectural environment, to integrate (EA)2 with other systems, e.g. a configuration management system, and to create more complex reports. OAD also provides training, on the job mentoring, and project development services centered on using architecture to improve your processes.

You only need (EA)2 licenses for those who will be using it to create your models. You do not need an (EA)2 license for others to view what you have created nor for them to run reports based on the (EA)2 metamodel and SQL components.

A free, 30 day evaluation edition of (EA)2 is available that provides the complete set of diagram types with their associated toolboxes and quicklinks to properly connect the modeling elements. It also includes certain reference data, like tagged values and model views. However, it does not include the XML import files for creating extended package structures for key elements, nor does it include the SQL reporting components. Any models that you create during the 30 day evaluation period will remain intact after the evaluation is over.

Send an email to find out how to obtain the evaluation edition or to purchase licenses to the full edition. Please visit OAD Consulting to learn more about what OAD can do for you.

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